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Sales with LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn to get enthusiastic, pre-sold customers to come to YOU!

EVERY SECOND… two professionals join LinkedIn. *


What are you doing to engage with them?

It’s not enough to just have a profile anymore – if you want to be seen and get qualified, target prospects coming to you for FREE, then you have to know MORE than just how to stand out in a crowd.

Most people think it’s enough to have a profile on social media sites like LinkedIn and boy, ARE THEY WRONG.

For the few professionals who actually invest the time to try and get results using LinkedIn, they actually spend too much time doing all the wrong things!

No attention, NO SALES!

Everyone seems to be scared to invest their time using social media, like LinkedIn AND THEY SHOULD BE!

If you don’t have a solid, proven formula – then you will get the same crappy results that everyone else gets or WORSE. You might even have your account shut down.

It can be such a hassle, spending hours trying to get results when you don’t know the secrets to maximizing your time for HUGE results.

That’s right, one of the secrets to getting huge, REAL results using LinkedIn is:

Spend LESS TIME using LinkedIn!

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and Tactics that will completely change the way you get and keep customers

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  • You don’t have to slave away, spending hours to get average results like everyone else you know.
  • For just a few MINUTES A MONTH you can DOMINATE your industry on LinkedIn for FREE.
  • You don’t have to spend a single cent to do it and you certainly don’t have to spend hours to get REAL SALES.

Home to over 200 million users, LinkedIn is a trusted source of information for 87% of professionals.

Join LinkedInFocus and learn how to:

  1. Use LinkedIn as the single most powerful social media Search Engine Optimization site on the web
  2. Build instant professional credibility with your target audience
  3. Set yourself above the competition
  4. Clarify your brand to everyone you want to do business with
  5. Drive targeted traffic automatically to your website
  6. Generate qualified, targeted prospects who engage with you
  7. Gain instant “Industry Expert” status
  8. Get word-of-mouth referrals and endorsements without even asking

Once you understand how to use LinkedIn, in just a few minutes a month, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase your fees and profits
  • Build a recession-proof business
  • Lower your “cost per acquisition” to almost NOTHING
  • Build a huge list of targeted prospects
  • Email your customers and prospects without the worry of SPAM filters blocking your message
  • You’ve never invested SO LITTLE…
  • and will have gotten SO MUCH!!


We are so sure this will completely transform your business, that if for whatever reason, you are not totally blown away with the education you’ll receive, we’ll refund 100% of your investment – no questions asked.

With your annual LinkedInFocus membership, you’ll receive:

  • Access to elite 12 monthly coaching calls where you’ll get hands on examples of exactly how to manage your LinkedIn Profile for maximum profits and minimum time invested.
  • Access to the private, online LinkedInFocus resource library where you’ll find
  • Video Archives for review any of the great information you’ll get
  • Step-by-Step instructions for using the secret formula to getting REAL sales using LinkedIn
  • 26 Issues of Bi-Weekly “LinkedInFocus Tips”
  • Discounted personal “hands on” training


Get FREE LinkedIn Strategies

and Tactics that will completely change the way you get and keep customers

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Get FREE LinkedIn Strategies

and Tactics that will completely change the way you get and keep customers.

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