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Nile Nickel is Tampa Bay’s very own Chief LinkedIn Expert.

Nile brings some serious social media knowledge and knowhow to the table and showcases his talents through various programs that he has put together in the past few years.

Starting Capture Once (www.CaptureOnce.com) is one of the many ventures that Nile has been extremely passionate about. Helping various Doctors and Lawyers build their social media sites according to their governing guidelines and compliance regulations has been extremely successful.

Nile is well versed in the HIPPA, Bar, and FACTA laws, making him an extreme asset to anyone’s social media coordination, especially those on a professional level with regulating guidelines.

His most recent venture, www.linkedinfocus.com will leave you excited about your future connections for you and your business. Join in the conversation, and create those lasting connections that will help your professional development grow!


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